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Easy email management Email Segway makes it easy to manage all your email. With a click you can review server status, view email headers, view email messages, delete emails and so on. Fast with a dial-up modem Only download information as you need it. Large emails are a burden with a modem connection. Especially emails you would not want to read in the first place. With Email Segway you can peek at the email information. For example, you can see who the email is from and the size of the email before downloading the entire message. This alone can save you hours of time a week. View all your email accounts at once All the information panels can contain as many email accounts as you like. For example, you can view the message information of all the emails on all your accounts in the same window. Color coded email accounts All message information is color coded to its server. Making it easy to identify what email mail account the message belongs to. Color syntax hilighting Message text is colored according to what type of information your looking at. There are hilighting schemes for email, html, java and more. Works great on a USB thumb drive. Take your email application with you! Although Email Segway does come with an installer for your convenience it does not integrate into Microsoft Windows. This allows it to run from any folder or device. With a USB thumb drive you can manage your email on one computer, then later connect the thumb drive to another computer and Email Segway picks up where it left off. Great for the work place. View the same email from multiple locations Email Segway does not delete email from your server until you say to do so. In other words you can read an email on your home computer and reply to it at you work computer. Or any computer if you are using a thumb drive. See above. Multithreaded server access

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